Monday, 1 June 2009

Willie Watt

Willie Watt lived in the next street to ours and in a moment of synchronicity it was named "Watt Street". I don't know why, but Willie always pushed a bicycle with a set of ladders attached to it around the streets. It was his "I'm the guy with the bicycle and the ladders" thing.

Anyway, to us kids the name Willie Watt was much too comical and we had only one option which was to torture the poor old man with songs about how "Willie Watt has no hair...underneath his underwear" and other poetic classics. We would gather as a dirty-kneed choir outside his house and begin our songs about "Willie Watt...."

There was extreme danger in doing what we did for after hearing our taunts Willie Watt would chase us - and he was TERRIFYING. He would be in the craziest, maddest rage as he chased us about the streets shouting things like "I'm going to kill you wee bastards!" If he had caught any one of us I'm convinced he would have actually committed murder, such was the level of frenzied rage he would be in. Being chased by Willie Watt was a case of running for your life. What a buzz. We would do this at least once a week...


  1. John was wondering about Willie Watt! I started reading all your brilliant stories, he said "Willie Watt has to be in there somewhere" we have laughed so much. Your writing is fabulous have you published any of this???
    I was saying to John that Gerry Anderson would love your stories.You should send him some.

    John lived in Florida drive and Richardson street. He went to Nettlefield and Park Parade it seems you escaped to the posh school at Orangefield!! the stores at Park Parade include locking teachers up and throwing assorted furniture out the windows without opening them first. John managed to survive without any police record by following Bob Dylan and Big Stick R.I.P

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, belfaststories will become a book in the near future.
    John who? I'll bet I knew him...

  3. John Harrison dob 1962, big stick, aka colin Dempster.longing for more stories yarn spinner keep them coming!

  4. I knew John Harrison well... haven't seen him in years. Mention "Livi" and he will get the picture :-)