Saturday, 1 August 2009

A Gynecological Tale

I once listened to a Doctor from India, now working in Belfast, speak about his first day in his surgery'. One of his first patients was a lady in her sixties. The Doctor asked about her medical problem was. The lady replied; "It's my vagina - it's killin' me".

"Okay" thought the doctor, and began asking questions about how the pain was affecting her. The lady told the doctor about the extent of her pains. He began consulting a gynecological manual and was stopped in his tracks as the lady informed him; " I sometimes find it hard to breathe because of it..."

The doctor thought, "Vaginal pain: Difficulty BREATHING?

The woman went on; "My chest gets tight and I struggle for breath..."

A light went on in the Doctor's head; "Don't you mean ANGINA?"

"Is THAT what it's called?" the woman asked. "I've been tellin' everyone that my vagina was killin' me".

I can just hear her discussing it in the local shops;
Friend: "How are ye keepin'?"
Lady: "Terrible trouble with my vagina. I's killin' me."
Friend: "Oh I know. My Davy has vagina too..."


  1. Thank f@ck, I thought it was MY vagina that was keeping me short of breath. Now I know it's just a heart condition.

  2. I can just hear her gossiping in the bakery;

    "Howye keeping?"
    "Tarrabal trouble with mah vagina - it's killin' me."
    "Oh I know. My Davy has vagina too"

  3. Hilarious - I didn't see where this was going at all.